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Hi Everyone. Most of the information below relates to U/12s and above, so it will only affect a few of you, except for the fact that there is a Level 1 Sportstrainer in Wagga – 17/3 and 18/3. Southern Pool are trying to get another on 7/8th of April. Watch this space on that.

Some relevant formation to come out of the Group 9 Southern Pool Meeting in Wagga tonight includes:
1.Dave Cunningham is the Southern Pool Chair
2. Mick Kirkman is the Southern Pool Secretary
There are U/14s trial on Saturday 24/3 in Cootamundra and U/15s trial in Wagga on Sunday 25/3. These trials are for a combined Group 9 side.
U/12s and U/13s tackle trial for Southern Pool development squads on 25/3 in Wagga.
There are North/South trials for players that make the Southern Pool teams in U/12s or U/13s in Tumut on 7/4
Clubs can nominate four players from U/12s and four from U/14s for LeagueTag trials. First week (25/3) is for Southern Pool, 2nd week (7/4) is for a combined Group 9 team.
There are no trials for 16LT
Anyone interested in Coaching/Managing/Selecting rep teams? You would need to be available on either 24/3 or 25/3.


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