Coaches/Managers - CRL message


Hello coaches & managers! Please find below a copy of an email I’ve received this morning from the CRL:

I would like to pass on some information regarding Team Sheets. Can you please pass this information on to your coaches.

1. CRL need both competitive and non-competitive Team Sheets returned to our office before 12pm Monday. Host Club to Email original copies or Fax 69717575 (I do this on behalf of our club after home games – disregard this! 😜)
2. Full names (No Nicknames) are to be clearly printed on the sheet with a signature. Non-Competitive ages get the coach to tick next to the players name.
3. Write on the sheet your club name, grade, the oppositions name, Leaguesafe, Sports trainer and any other details listed on the sheet.
4. On completion, get your coach or manager to double check the opposition sheet. They need to make sure the scores and teams match. Once satisfied they sign the opposing teams sheet.
5. If you play at Parramore ( in Wagga) team sheets can be left in the box located in the secretary office.