Coaches Contact Details


Thanks to everyone who came to training on Friday!
Training will continue from now on every Friday at the Sportshub (for the time being until further notice)

The committee puts all relevant information on our Facebook page & team app. Sometimes our Facebook page gets a bit of traffic & at times important posts my disappear down the page, please scroll down to find any new information.

If you have any queries about your child’s team, you are encouraged to contact your child’s coach. Please find each coaches contact details below:

Under 6’s Brett White 0419657316
Under 7’s David Brown 0423381713
Under 8’s Jason Crampton 0411303870
Under 9’s Scott Bramich 0418543011
Under 10’s Siko 0418 645 447
Under 11’s Craig Webb 0428483050 (or Melissa 0400359975)
Under 13’s Jon Richards 0437551112
Under 9LT Janalee Bramich 0429668618
Under 13LT Maddy McPherson 0407352925
Under 15LT Bec Stuart 0413900417

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