Code of conduct


•Condemn all violent or illegal acts, whether they are by players,
coaches, officials, parents or spectators.
• Respect the referee’s decisions – don’t complain or argue about
decisions during or after a game.
• Behave! Unsportsmanlike language, harassment or aggressive
behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Encourage players to play by the rules and to respect opposition
players and officials.
• Never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect
their efforts.
• Understand that sport is part of a total life experience, and the
benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.
• Participate in positive cheering that encourages the players in
the team you are supporting; do not engage in any cheering
that taunts or intimidates opponents, their fans or officials.
• Remember that children participate in Rugby League for their
own enjoyment, not yours!
• At all times, follow the directions of the Ground Manager and/or
other duty officials.
• Never arrive at a Junior League game under the influence of
alcohol, never bring alcohol to a Junior League game and only
drink alcohol, if it is available, in a responsible manner in the
designated licensed area.

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