From last nights meeting


Thanks to those that attended our committee meeting tonight. We continue to meet on a monthly basis, so as always, parents and caregivers are most welcome and needed to ensure the longevity of our club.
Some important a things to come out of our General Meeting tonight include:
1. We still require a treasurer. Recent news around our major league club unfortunately reveals what happens when people don’t stick their hand up. Unfortunately, running a club doesn’t ‘just happen’. We are all time poor, but with over 100 players last season, and hopefully more going forward, surely someone can put some hours in to ensure there is football for their children and the children of the broader community. A footnote to this is that we wish our Major League club every success in putting a team on the paddock for the 2019 season.
2. There will be a referees course in Wagga on Saturday, March 10th, or in Cootamundra on Sunday, March 11th. For those interested, please contact myself.
3. As previously announced, our registration day is Sunday, February 18th. It will be first in first served with regard to apparel. Jon Richards will run a game of touch footy for the kids. If parents/caregivers wish to utilise their NSW government voucher the cost of registration will be free. I will post immediately after this post how to use your voucher. It is important that all parents/caregivers register prior to registration day via day is where your child collects their apparel, gets exposed to the game, and where our committee confirms team entries for the 2018 season. The paperwork behind your child’s registration should have already been done before registration day. Hopefully the forthcoming post clears up how to do that. If not, and you’re still unsure, please ask a committee member to assist.
4. In keeping with our constitution, financial members have paid up tonight. Financial members only will have voting rights in our club’s committee. We have decided to allow members up until February 16th to become a financial member. This however, does not come without responsibilities. All financial members are expected to attend and contribute to committee meetings. Currently, there are ten financial members of Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League’s Committee. If you’ve got any questions in relation to this, please contact myself, or another committee member.
5. Jon Richards and I will be running social touch football sessions, each Tuesday in March, commencing at 5pm. Venue to be confirmed.
6. Huge thanks to Gus McEachern and Carmel Smith who have both stuck their hands up to become sports-trainers. Teams cannot take the field without someone qualified, volunteering in this role for each game. Through Gus and Carmel doing this, it will take pressure off our only two existing sports-trainers, Ben and Tammy Lesniak. On that note, again, huge thanks to Tammy who tonight officially accepted the role of Canteen Co-ordination for the coming season.
Hope to see everyone on 18/2 at Tumbarumba Sportsground for registration day. This commences at 2pm.
Yours sincerely,
Derek Smith
Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League.

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