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Hi Everyone,
As requested by the NSW Office of Sport, please find below details of the cost involved with putting a player on the playing field in the 2018 season. Up until the 2018 season, this cost has been subsidised by the fundraising efforts of those involved with our club.
• Insurance costs are $25 per tackle player (slightly less for Tag players which reflects the non-contact’ nature of that sport) and include such essentials as NSW Sporting insurance and Ambulance cover to a maximum of $2500.
• Team wear (jumpers, shorts and socks) are provided by the club and cost between $60-$70 each from CRL’s endorsed suppliers.
• Facility expenses to the club come in the form of council rates ($350 per year), line marking ($500 per year) and sundry expenses such as first aid supplies, toilet paper, hand towels and laundry add up to $250 per year. This equates to approximately $8 per player.
• Cost of course fees for Coaches, Sports trainers and referees which our club reimburses to participants.
• End of season trophies and the meat for presentation night.
• Hooters, seating, gazebos, balls, and all other essentials that go in a team kit
• Our own canteen vouchers.

The first three bullet points alone put the cost per tackle player at just under or just over $100. The bottom four bullet points are a little harder to quantify as those costs vary from year to year. I hope the detail provided here now puts the issue of Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League’s use of the ‘Active Kids Vouchers’ issue to bed.


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