Shoosh for kids


Hi Everyone,
A message below from Group 9 Chairman, Nick Hall, regarding this weekends ‘Shoosh for kids’ round.
Hello to all of the Players, Mums and Dads,
After getting some good footy behind us, I thought it was time to get in touch and refocus on the need to promote enjoyment, learning and behaviour in Group 9 Junior League. These things are the measuring stick of our performance each game, week and season and are easily lost sight of in the middle of our competitive game.
I also think the competitive part of our game is important and enjoyable, however at our level we definitely prioritise enjoyment, learning and behaviour.
Our kids naturally know this, but when we focus and guide them, they soon become reflections of us.
I watch the kids play whenever they organise their own games with NO parental involvement. They naturally balance teams, play fair and adjust rules to level the playing field and share involvements. Things like Big Johnny playing on his knees or 4 on 2 happen all the time. Kids know the score. It is our competitiveness that challenges their moral compass.
At all Junior age groups, even the older ones, there is no such thing as win at all costs. Losses and disappointments are as valuable as the wins and the good coaches and parents know this and welcome the learning opportunities.
Shoosh round is a weekend we have encountered before and each year I find all parents, coaches and supporters generally use it as a round to do the right thing. I ask you to consider the example you set each week and whether you can improve? I ask whether you are a good parent when it suits, but forget the rules when a penalty or decision goes against you at a key moment?
No kid goes out to hurt another kid so let the refs handle it; we have a safe play code for that.
No ref goes out to make and error, but like you me and the players, sometimes they make one. Let it go and respect them for volunteering their time to your child.
Remember to ask did you have fun? Did you learn something? Were you a good kid? Not how many tries did you score?
Use Shoosh Round to consider your approach and let it be a catalyst for your supporting techniques for the rest of 2018.
Nick Hall
Director – Chairman
Group 9 Junior Rugby League
0437 665 280

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