500 club


500 CLUB! What is it??
Our club this season will be launching its inaugural 500 Club as one of its major fundraisers for the year. Each minor league child will receive 10 tickets to sell at $5 each. It is anticipated that parents/caregivers will help with this, particularly for the younger age players. On Presentation Day at the end of the season (date to be announced) a winner will be drawn from the tickets sold & the winning ticket will receive $500. All tickets will need to be back into the committee by September 1st for inclusion in the draw. Please support this fundraising initiative!
Tickets will be attached to this afternoons newsletter. If you are not at training, please see me TOMORROW at the games to grab your tickets. When you sell them, just write on the back of the ticket who brought it & their phone number. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE TICKET as they need to be handed back to the club to be included in the draw.