Canteen roster for this weekend


Canteen Roster from Christine for this Saturday:
8 -9am: any parent who can help set up
9 -10am: u7 & u9 parents
10 – 11am: u6 & u8 parents
11 – 12pm: u10 tag & u13 tag parents
12 – 1pm: u9 & u12 parents
1 – 2pm: u14 & u8 parents
2 -3pm: u16 tag & u10 parents
3pm onwards: any parent who can help pack up!

You will notice I have put some age groups twice but as we have 15 games we will need all of the help we can get in the canteen. We also need more than one parent from each age group to help out please.

The apparel tent will also be running, so we will please need helpers for this during the course of the day as well.