Batlow nrl clinic


On Friday, July 10th the NRL will be holding a Development clinic in Batlow. This is is great school holiday opportunity for our kids. The day will run from 10am until 1pm. The cost for Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League players is $0. That’s correct – nothing to pay. The committee has decided it will use funds from the Giles estate so that our children can attend this clinic. Initially, parents/caregivers will need to pay the $40 fee as they will need to register online. They can then hand their registration receipt to a committee member and they will be reimbursed. More information on how to register is available on the Facebook page or the app. The club will also be putting on a BBQ, which will again be free for all Tumbarumba-Batlow Minor League footballers.this clinic targets 5-13 year olds.