Numbers for this Saturdays Gala Day


Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good Easter :)
Below is a list that I have so far of kids coming to the Gundagai Gala Day this Saturday 26th, please let me know if you are or are not coming. We really need to know please ASAP.

Under 7 :
Will Lott
Lochie McCarthy
Hamish Wood
Artie Smith
Shannon Hawkins
Daniel Korn
Will Smith
Dayne Perry
Troy Perry

Under 8:
Cooper Wilesmith
Ty Burgun
Artie Smith
Josh Ovenden
Deklan Lee
Lochie McCarthy

Under 9:
Cameron Minogue
Preston Hussell
Kurt Stuenkel
Roy Smith
Kyle Heinecke
Dylan McLaren
Daniel Kopecny
Dylan Taylor

Under 11:
Luke Bergin
Lochie Burgun
Joe Murphy
Kody Goldspink

Under 10 tag:
Brinley Wilesmith
Triniti Hussell
Steph Bergin
Talara Edwards
Brylie Richards

Under 13 tag
Shelby-Cayte Putland
Leah Edwards
Mackenzie Mills
Lily Murphy
Charlie Ovenden

Under 16 tag:
Chloe MacDonald
Maddy McPherson
Chelsea Jarvis
Laeticia Gillespie
Shelby Putland
Leah Edwards
Lily Murphy
Veronica Kopecny