Code of Conduct


With the start of the season tomorrow, I would just like to remind everyone of our code of conduct:

The Rugby League Code of Conduct provides all participants, parents, coaches, referees, spectators and officials with some simple rules that assist in delivering a safe and positive environment to everyone involved in the game.

Within that safe environment, every Rugby League participant has the best chance to enjoy the game. By accepting these standards of behaviour in the Code, we provide opportunities for young boys and girls to grow on the field – we build good players, good citizens and good communities in which Rugby League is a social asset.

Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/ carers of players, coaches, officials and club supporters. Breaches of the Rugby League Code of Conduct may result in penalties, including but not limited to:

• Suspension of a match and/ or
• Termination of a match (including potential forfeiture of competition points) and/ or
• Monetary fines and/ or
• Suspension of a participant on a temporary or permanent basis and/ or
• Suspension of a Club, League or Association on a temporary or permanent basis.
These penalties are in addition to any penalty which may be imposed by the home League’s judiciary.