What a great day against Wodonga today! Some teams had very convincing wins & others keep improving every week.
A thank you must go to our coaches/managers & water runners who give up their team every week to give our kids a game of footy.
A huge thank you to the referees – who I forgot to thank last week. Mick Kirkman came up from Wagga last week & this week we had Chris & Larry from our senior club here helping out. Our club is dangerously short of referees. Without them, we cannot provide our kids football. If you are interested in becoming a referee, please see myself of Derek.
CANTEEN: thank you to those parents who helped today. Unfortunately the roster was not a success. We will try again next home game & it would be appreciated if everyone helped out. We are a very small club & we all need to pitch in & help. If we keep on getting little help in the canteen, the committee will not hesitate to close it. If this happens, our club loses a source of income, which will mean next year, registration fees will more than likely increase & you will be required to pay for shorts & socks. Other clubs charge in excess of $80 per child to register & then charge for shorts & socks on top. We pride ourselves on our lower fees, however if we do not get more parent input, sadly this will look at ceasing.

Sorry to end on a sour note – but this is the reality we are facing.

Next weekend we play Brothers in Wagga. Game times will be announced when I find out.