Street Stall

Thu, 26 Nov 2015
from 9:00am to 5:00pm

by Nikki Wilesmith
Posted: over 4 years ago
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Time zone: Sydney
Reminder: 2 days before
Ends: 05:00pm (duration is about 8 hours)

STREET STALL: Thursday 26th November.
We need volunteers to sit on the stall through out the day as well as donations of cooking please!
We are raffling a Christmas Hamper, so we kindly ask all families to donate one item each for the prize. We need all items received please by WEDNESDAY 25th November & they can be left with either myself at EnerQi or with Melissa at Westpac.
We will also be selling our 2016 Minor League calendar, which will make great Christmas gifts. Each month will feature a different minor league team from the year.
Please comment below if you can sit on the stall through out the day:
9am – 10am: Nikki,
10am – 11am:
11am – 12pm:
12pm – 1pm:
1pm – 2pm:
2pm – 3pm:
3pm – 4pm:
4pm – 5pm: